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Coolsculpting BACK

When people look at themselves in the mirror, they tend to only look at their front view. However, once they have taken the time to really look at themselves from all angles, this is when they may notice the fatty areas on their back. Some people can tell it’s there by the way their clothes fit, some may be taunted and teased about it, and that’s when it’s brought to their attention. The best way to see the end results is to take before and after pictures. This is the sure telltale of seeing what you looked like before CoolSculpting and after CoolSculpting.


How it works

The CoolSculpting procedure begins by applying gel, and a special pad and applicator to the target area. The applicator is connected to a machine that delivers controlled cold temperatures. There are 5 different sizes of applicators used to target various parts of the body. The applicator is clamped onto the skin of the target area. The treated area gets really cold, really fast and numbs that area. This is why the procedure is virtually painless. The area of treatment is timed. Once you have finished the treatment, then the clinician will massage the treated area for approximately two minutes to help bring the circulation back to that area. The massage can feel a little strange and strong, but not painful.

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difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

Everyone has two kinds of primary fat in their body. The first kind is subcutaneous fat; this is the fat that is located under the skin. Then there is visceral fat, and this fat surrounds your body’s organs. Everyone is born with a certain amount of these fats in their body. The amount of subcutaneous fat in your body can vary depending on several factors.

For some it can be pure genetics; for others it is their lifestyle. Quite typically people that lead a sedentary lifestyle lacking in exercise and taking in too many calories will have a higher amount of Subcutaneous fat in their body. Also those that have diabetes or are insulin resistant tend to have more of this type of fat. Visceral fat is stored in the abdominal area, close to the stomach, liver and intestines. A healthy level of visceral fat is under 13 of the 1-59 rating.

CoolSculpting does not target visceral fat, and it only targets subcutaneous fat. Even though both of these fats can affect the back, it is subcutaneous fat that is visible in that area

Before considering
coolsculpting for back

CoolSculpting is not for everyone. It is not a weight loss system. CoolSculpting works best on people who are at or close to their ideal weight. Ideally, your body mass index should be below 25. Always consult your family practitioner before considering any type of procedure. Discuss what your plans are and what you hope to achieve with your doctor. Through consultation with your doctor you can decide together if you would be a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

Coolsculpting Consultation

This is a non-invasive procedure. Which means there is no surgery involved.


People having the CoolSculpting thigh treatment done can return to their normal routine following the treatment. There is no downtime.


The treatment has minimal discomfort to it for the majority of people. At first, there may be a cool sensation and a tugging of the skin. Most adjust to this quickly and then find that they can relax during the remained of the treatment. A lot of people use this opportunity to do so, reading or listen to music. Some find it an ideal time to take a quick nap.

Coolsculpting appointment



Prior to engaging in any CoolSculpting procedure, you will meet with a doctor or licensed clinician that is fully trained on CoolSculpting. Together with the consultant you will complete an examination of your back and discuss the areas that require treatment. Once this is determined, you will put a treatment plan into place. The clinician will fully explain the CoolSculpting procedure to you from beginning to end. You will be informed on what to expect during the procedure, after the procedure, and when you should expect to see results.


CoolSculpting was approved by the FDA in 2010. CoolSculpting, the trademark name for cryolipolysis, is a non-surgical procedure that is used to reduce subcutaneous fat that is located under the skin. The process involves cooling the targeted area on the body to the point of freezing, which only targets these types of fat cells. Once the cells have been frozen they then crystallize and die. These dead cells are then processed by the body through the liver and eliminated from the body through the body’s natural waste process. Since these fat cells are destroyed they are gone permanently. The CoolSculpting procedure does not damage skin, muscles and nerves in the area and surrounding area being treated.


CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling, or fat freezing to target, freeze, and eventually kill the fat cells in your problem areas. In the weeks following your CoolSculpting procedure, your body will naturally eliminate the fat cells, and you can say goodbye to your problem areas for good!


There can be some minor side effects. However, side effects vary from person to person. You may experience some redness, tingling, and numbness to the treated area of the back. Most often these side effects are not long lasting.

No. CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that only targets subcutaneous fat. Studies have shown that other fats, proteins, and sugars in the blood are not affected. You can be confident knowing that your cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, total bilirubin, glucose, aspartate transaminase/alanine transaminase and albumin will remain within their normal limits.


Making positive changes to your appearance is virtually priceless for some people. The ability to get rid of unwanted bulgy fat areas on your back and create a sexy new you can make you feel amazing at any cost. However, not everyone has an endless flow of money. Many people have to live on a budget.

When you are consulting with your CoolSculpting clinician, you can discuss what your budget is and what exactly it is you would like to achieve pertaining to the fat on your back. The clinician will advise you on the number of treatments that would be required to achieve your desired results. Typically the cost of a treatment session on your back fat would range between $600 and $2,500 depending on how many areas you are having treated. The smaller the area, the lower the cost.

Costs can also vary depending on where you live, who is performing your treatments and required follow-up appointments. Quite commonly, especially if the area of treatment is small you may only require one session. However, if you would like to see additional results, you may have subsequent treatments, which will add to the cost.


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