The Game-Changing Fat Loss Treatment Millions Have Tried - Coolsculpting®

The Game-Changing Fat Loss Treatment Millions Have Tried – Coolsculpting®

what is coolsculpting?
When people feel positive about their body image, they get better at accepting and appreciating their bodies as well as understanding that the idea of a ‘perfect’ body can be subjective. It may be a beauty treatment that smoothens the skin, a dermal filler that eliminates wrinkles or a procedure that reduces that extra layer of fat – regardless of whichever it is, everyone can use a body image boost from time to time.

The Coolsculpting® treatment has been a crowd pleaser ever since it won FDA approval back in 2010 for eliminating the so-called ‘love handles’. Over time, it received even more indications, currently being considered perfectly safe and effective for removing fat in areas such as the thighs, abdomen and flank area, as well as bra and back fat, underneath the buttocks and upper arm. The mechanism behind Coolsculpting® is simple: removing fat by freezing it away. At the moment, over 3,000 practices worldwide, including Toronto-based CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic are offering this game-changing treatment to their clients, with more anticipated in 2019.

And people just cannot get enough! With well over six million treatments were done worldwide, including in Canada by January 2018, Coolsculpting® is definitely the treatment of choice for people who are concerned with that extra layer of fat. According to Allergan – the company that now manufactures the treatment, 35 million people have already expressed their interest in using their fat freezing technology, out of which almost half (46%) were reported to be men. Their in-depth research also revealed that nearly 50% of people who were thinking about a non-invasive fat reduction solution in the next couple of years, would choose Coolsculpting®.

Coolsculpting® has the potential to make people feel more positive about their body image. And this has many implications for both individuals and societies. According to a survey conducted by Dove involving 6,000 women from 13 countries including Canada, 85% say they avoid an important social activity when they don’t feel confident about how they look. While 9 out of 10 reported they would be willing to stop eating or put themselves to other health risks to try and achieve a specific beauty goal. This previous unmet need can now be filled without endangering anyone and with the possibility of getting sure results in a short period of time. On a brighter side of things, the survey also revealed that 77% want to look their personal best rather than meet someone else’s beauty standards and over 82% agreed everyone has something about them that is beautiful.

While getting the results wanted through a cosmetic procedure seems an easy win, experts stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Best results can only be achieved through joint efforts that keep the body in shape and the mind healthy.

So, what is all the buzz about? Non-invasive cryolipolysis – which is the body contouring technique that sits at the heart of the treatment, is very different than other available solutions for fat reduction such as the infamous liposuction. Besides the fact that the patient is in and out the doctor’s office in a couple of hours at most, they can go back to their normal activities straightaway. There is no downtime to the procedure which makes it an extremely convenient choice for people who lead busy lives.

Overall the treatment takes about 30-45 minutes per applicator and usually four or six applications are needed, however it’s done all in one go. Depending on the body part and how many areas someone would like treated, two machines can be used to reduce the time. How are the layers of fat actually reduced? The cells are naturally metabolised by the body and then take their normal course throughout the lymphatic system.

The benefits are underlined by scientific evidence. Clinical studies have proven Coolsculpting® to be highly effective and perfectly fine tolerated by both men and women. One study showed visible improvements in over 86% of patients and resulted in 82% of them being happy to recommend cryolipolysis to their friends. Overall, the majority were left feeling positive following the treatment – time-wise (89%) and in terms of tolerability (96%). A similar study reported a 25% reduction in subcutaneous fat after just one session with 86% of participants reporting improvements. At the same time, a 73% patient satisfaction rate put cryolipolysis at the very top of preferred procedures, higher than any other fat reducing treatment available. It comes as no surprise that in 2018, the fat freezing treatment was recognized for the fifth consecutive year by NewBeauty as a Choice Award winner.

Whether they’re looking to get rid of that extra stubborn fat around difficult to reach areas, increase body shape or just feel comfortable in their own skin, Coolsculpting® is becoming the go-to solution for millions. The idea that cold can target fat without so much as affecting the skin or surrounding tissues has been ground-breaking. With every new indication it receives, cryolipolysis is gathering more supporters.

The procedure has quickly become CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic ‘s most wanted body contouring treatment and people who have had it left the clinic happy and satisfied with the results. Coolsculpting® is available to Toronto residents who wish to permanently remove fat from their abdomen, chin, thigh, sides and upper arms and it’s all a quick appointment away. Following an initial consultation, the cooling can start and people can walk out the same day as their new, more confident self.