Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

Fat Reduction
vs. Weight Loss

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CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic uses fat reduction aimed to lessen the number of fat cells in treated areas while weight loss simply reduces the size of fat cells in your body.
The number of fat cells that are within your body are usually determined around the teenaged years. As we gain weight, our fat cells get larger; when we lose weight, these fat cells get smaller, yet the number of fat cells in our bodies remains the same.

CoolSculpting targets fat cells, freezes them using controlled cooling, and effectively kills the fat cells. Leaving them to be naturally eliminated from the body. Weight loss, can make you smaller in size, however, it will not reduce the number of fat cells in your body. CoolSculpting works to reduce 20-25% of fat cells in treated areas, and since they are eliminated from the body, they are gone forever!



Remove fat

The results

When using CoolSculpting, you will shed fat cells from your body through natural elimination processes. That means they are gone for good! It is important to recognize that CoolSculpting does not result in losing weight, but it will change the way your body looks, feels, and the way you fit into clothes.

In this day and age, we are surrounded by fatty foods, and the demands of the modern lifestyle don’t always allow for good food choices, no matter how hard you try. When our bodies take in fats from our foods, it passes through our digestive system and into the liver where it is processed. This processed fat is what your body needs to thrive and survive – it’s your body’s energy source. However, not all fats from our food can be adequately processed by the liver, leaving the fat to store itself within our fat cells. CoolSculpting will take away the fat cells in your body from your problem areas, meaning that the fat from your foods will not be able to distribute itself in the areas you least want it to.

When the CoolSculpting treatment is applied to fat cells in target areas, the cell freezes, and begins to die. Using the body’s natural processes, other cells begin to consume the dead fat cells, putting them into the natural elimination process. Thus causing your fat cells leave your body long-term!

It’s important to remember that CoolSculpting WILL NOT help you lose weight, but it will help how you feel in your clothes. Your problem areas will be reduced, and your body will be contoured to your desired results.


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