How To Lose Double Chin

How To Lose Double Chin?

double chin before and after

What Causes a Double Chin?

There are several factors that create that pesky double chin, the extra layer of fat that develops underneath the skin. So many people want to know how to lose double chin without risky and expensive procedures. These are some factors can cause double chin: Age: The skin naturally loses elasticity as we age which can lead to saggy skin. Diet and weight: Weight gain can be another factor that contributes to double chin. Genetics: Some people who have a family history of skin with little elasticity may be more likely to develop double chin themselves. Posture: Poor posture can weaken neck and chin muscles which can contribute to double chin over time. The surrounding skin loses elasticity when the muscles are not used. As you can see, some of these factors are within our control while others are not. Many people deal with stubborn fat no matter how much diet and exercise they do to try to get rid of double chin.

How to Lose Double Chin With CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses a patented cooling technique to reduce fat cells. It is a very effective way to get rid of double chin because the cold temperature destroys fat cells which are gradually absorbed by the body. Eventually, the fat cells are filtered out as waste over several months leaving you with a more sculpted look. When the fat cells die, they don’t damage the surrounding nerves, muscles and other tissues. Many people get rid of double chin with CoolSculpting because the procedure:
  • Is non-invasive and doesn’t require needles or anesthesia
  • Has minimal recovery time
  • Can produce immediate results after a single double chin removal session
This double chin removal procedure is a great option for people who are already at their ideal weight. The treatment should not be used as a weight loss method.

The Double Chin Removal Procedure

The average CoolSculpting session lasts about 35 minutes and we use a handheld applicator. You can relax by listening to music or reading during the treatment. This is the process of how to lose double chin:
  1. We apply a gel pad
  2. The applicator delivers controlled cooling to the targeted fat while using a suction
  3. You may feel pulling, tingling, stinging and pinching but there is minimal pain
We usually massage the treated areas right after the double chin removal treatment to break up any frozen deep tissue. The massage also helps your body absorb the destroyed fat cells.

What to Expect As You Get Rid of Double Chin

In addition to being often asked how to lose double chin, many people want to know if there are side effects. People may experience some side effects as they get rid of double chin because the body continues to reduce fat cells for weeks. The symptoms include:
  • Achiness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Pain and tingling
  • The chin and neck area may feel fullness in the throat
Because there is no recovery time after a double chin removal procedure, most people can continue their normal activities right after. Sometimes, minor redness and soreness can occur on the chin, but this usually goes away after a few weeks.

When You Can See Double Chin Removal Results

As people use CoolSculpting to get rid of double chin, they may notice results within three weeks of the procedure. Usually people see improvement after two or three months and the fat reduction process continues for up to six months after the initial treatment. When some people want to learn how to lose double chin, they are often looking to CoolSculpting as a main solution. But to maintain the results, it is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly.