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What Is


CoolSculpting is a term that a lot more people are hearing and as such, there is an interest in wanting to learn more about it. This is a service that is being taken advantage of by many who want to lose that extra fat.

The purpose of the CoolSculpting treatment is to eliminate fat cells that are not responding to old methods of fat loss. Many people actually attempt to use methods such as dieting or exercise or a combination of both to remove unwanted fat. Unfortunately many of them do not receive the desired results as these methods are not often very effective. Often they find themselves getting fatter at times and they may start thinking about liposuction or laser. Or they may be curious about Zerona or Ultrashape. Once they see what a difference that a session of CoolSculpting can create then they become excited about it.

A lot of people that are struggling with extra fat find that it has accumulated around their waist and on their hips. Both are areas that are very difficult to target when trying to reduce the fat and they need other alternatives.

How it works

CoolSculpting is a treatment that is used to target fat cells that don’t respond well to weight reduction. It uses a procedure that is called cryolipolysis. The procedure is able to freeze the targeted fat cells. It is able to do this without freezing the skin which means it poses no danger to the area being treated. There are some great benefits that come with this form of treatment. It means that:

  • – The CoolSculpting procedure does not require the use of any type of injections.
  • – There is nothing invasive about the procedures such as incisions or minor surgical procedures.
  • – It is considered to be pain free. At times some may experience a slight swelling.

Another big plus is there no downtime as a result of the treatment. Clients can go about their normal routine one to two hours after their procedure is finished. They are able to drive, and there is very little discomfort at the treatment site. There is no recovery time needed.

The procedure has been designed with technology that is target specific. Fat cells have a tendency to accumulate, so they present themselves on the body as lumps and bumps. These are the accumulated fat cells that don’t respond to conventional methods for disposing of them. The procedure that is used in CoolSculpting allows for these areas of fat to be specifically targeted.

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This is often referred to as fat freezing. The brand name for this is CoolSculpting. It is comprised of a procedure that is used to target the stubborn fat then freeze these cells using a cold temperature. Once the fat cells have become frozen, they will then break down and can be absorbed by the body. This is a process that takes place over a few weeks. The amazing aspect of this procedure is because it is target specific; it does no damage to the body other than the specific cells that have been targeted. Allegan is the company that licenses devices used for cryolipolysis treatments, and one of its subsidiaries is Zeltiq.

One of the many benefits that many get to enjoy with the CoolSculpting sessions is the ease in which it is performed. It is a treatment that a qualified Doctor needs to perform.

The treatment begins with the positioning of an applicator that is placed on the area being treated.

Those being treated will at first feel an intense cooling sensation as well as suction that is created by the vacuum action that takes place during the procedure. The entire treatment takes about one hour.

It may only take on average about five minutes or a little longer for the initial sensations to disappear. From this point on, those being treated can just relax or read a book, perhaps while the treatment is doing its job.
The majority of clients who have CoolScuplting done can expect to enjoy permanent results. This is because the procedure does not just displace the fat cells but destroys them. It helps to reduce inches from the treated area The destroyed cells can be absorbed by the body. If an individual begins to accumulate fat again, then the previous procedure will have no effect on this new accumulation. The loss of the fat occurs as a result of the treatment.

The results that have been achieved with CoolSculpting have been quiteimpressive. Generally speaking, the procedure is able to eliminate between 20 to 25% of the fat cells in the area being treated. This is substantial when looking at how the fat cells can accumulate in one area. The number of treatments required will vary on the individual and the number of areas being treated and the amount of fat accumulation that is present. The before treatment and after results are often considered to be quite impressive.

The treatment really begins to work immediately, but, results will probably not be noticeable until anywhere between two to six months following the procedure. The body disposes of the destroyed fat cells over a period of time which can take anywhere up to four to six months. Compared to other methods that are not nearly as effective, this is fast.
It is important to understand the purpose of the CoolSculpting treatment. It has not been designed to combat obesity. Its purpose is to effectively target fat cells that don’t respond well to conventional methods like diet and exercise. There are some conditions that individuals may have that will prevent them from being a candidate for CoolSculpting. These are:

– Cryoglobulinaemia
– Cold Agglutinin Disease
– Paroxysmal Cold Haemoglobinuri
Some may be concerned about the safety factors that are applicable to this type of treatment.

To begin with only the targeted cells are affected. There is nothing invasive about the procedure that can create risks. The very best of equipment comprised of the latest technology is used for the procedure. The equipment has built in sensors that can automatically detect if the skin is getting too cold. It has an automatic shut down system. The procedure is carried out by a qualified physician. A full assessment is done on each client that also helps to develop a suitable treatment plan.
Aside from the convenience of the CoolSculpting treatments, there are benefits that are enjoyed upon the success of the treatment. Individuals feel good about themselves as they are finally rid of the unwanted fat. Their body appears to be more contoured, which allows them to choose attire that is more form fitting. There is no more frustration that comes with trying to have to deal with unwanted fat that just will not respond to any other type of fat reduction methods.

Then there are time benefits to be considered as well. Exercising on a constant basis and trying to follow stringent meal plans can be time consuming. Some of these efforts are necessary to become fit and stay healthy, but they may be futile for handling stubborn fat. The time needed for the CoolSculpting results is minimal compared to these.

There is no set price for this procedure that is applied to every client. There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account. The area being treated and the customized treatment plan is what determines the cost. Those who invest in this treatment should expect to see good results from it. They will definitely see a difference that is well worth the cost. Starts from $550 per cycle.


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