What To Expect From CoolSculpting

What To Expect
using CoolSculpting

During your first consultation with a CoolSculpting Toronto provider, who is either a doctor or other medical clinician trained in the CoolSculpting method and technology, you will discuss your goals for your body as well answer specific questions about your lifestyle. Together, you and the CoolSculpting clinician will look at your body from different angles, where you can point out your problem areas and you can discuss how CoolSculpting will benefit your body.

CoolSculpting applies a gel pad with an applicator and uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells, contouring them naturally, and pain-free. CoolSculpting is an FDA-clearednon-invasive procedure that helps you target your trouble areas safely and effectively in a way that produces noticeable, long-term results. During the procedure, you can sit back, check emails, or read, while waiting for your results. You will walk out of CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic feeling ready to get back into your daily routine.

No surgery

No time off

No downtime

Your Customized plan

Your CoolSculpting professional will work with you and your specific goals to outline your CoolSculpting treatment path. You’ll learn how many sessions it may take to reach your goals and choose the applicators that will work to get your desired results.

what to expect from coolsculpting
coolsculpting consultation
One Step At A Time

For some clients, one visit to CoolSculpting Toronto Clinic may be all they need to achieve their goals. For others, and depending on the part of the body they would like to target, more than one visit may be required. For instance, some areas such as the inner thigs, or “muffin top” may require more than one treatment to get the maximum CoolSculpting results. Your clinician will go over the number of visits you may need to see results.

CoolSculpting uses freezing technology, so of course, the procedure can be a little chilly and provide a little discomfort with the initial surge of controlled cooling that is applied by the applicator. After a while, the area numbs and you cannot feel anything for the rest of the procedure. The sculpting part of the procedure uses a vacuum to draw tissue into the applicator cup, resulting in the feeling of mild pinching, tugging or pulling.

Many people sit back and relax during their treatment, even have naps! Others take the time to catch up on emails, watch TV on their iPad, or make phone calls. Use the time in whichever way makes you feel comfortable.

Cool Sculpting is completely 100% non surgical and non-invasive, meaning that many clients walk out of the Cool Sculpting Toronto Clinic and go back to their daily routine right after!
During the procedure, you may feel the discomfort of the intense cold, and then experience some pulling or mild pinching as the applicator moves over your fat cells. After the procedure, clients may feel a little sore, feeling a bit of tingling, numbness, bruising and soreness, but these side effects are completely temporary. The area may be a little red for the first little while and could persist for up to two weeks, but the skin will completely return to its normal colour.


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